Thank you for  considering us for a partnership with your organization. You may be aware that Lifespan is experiencing fiscal challenges in addition to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we work to correct the situation, we regrettably need to trim all our budgets, including sponsorships. Lifespan has a proud history of sharing resources in the community. This year we need to manage those resources carefully. If your request is approved, please be aware that the maximum sponsorship award is $1,000.

Please create an account to view the submission form. Once your account is created, complete all sections of the form. Please note: Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants are notified with a decision within four weeks of receipt of the application.
Applications which align with the following areas of focus are considered to be higher priority than others.

 Lifespan's key focus areas:

  • Health and wellness activities.
  • Workforce development and higher education.
  • Community and environmental improvements.

 Learn more about Lifespan's key focus areas and view all Lifespan corporate giving guidelines.

Lifespan Community Relations and Corporate Citizenship